Wednesday, 3 September 2014

If I had a £1,000 to create the dream room...

I was contacted by Think Money to create my own dream room.

Think Money The Great Escape are offering one lucky person the chance to move out of their parents home.

3.3 million young UK adults live with their parents. (I was one of them not that long ago! I lived with my newborn and husband at my parents house until summer 2012) 

Think Money are offering to pay first month's rent, the deposit and a £1,000 to furnish your new place!!

That's where I come in, here is my virtual £1,000 furnishing ideas. A few of us bloggers have been asked for our ideas, and one of us will help the winner create their dream home concept.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2014
Living Room / Dining
Why did I choose purple? I chose this colour not just because it's my favourite colour, it's romantic, quite grown up, and can be quite a glamorous shade. I actually own most of these items and this is the colour I chose to use in my little flat. 
Back when I finally moved out of my parents house, we didn't have that much money, especially being young and having a newborn baby!! So I chose to use white furniture and purple as it was my favourite colour. Over the years I've added bits here and there, but it is still very similar to how it was when we moved in. 
Choosing a base colour (such as white) means you can mix and match furniture easily, and just use pops of colour to brighten the space up. White also reflects the light so can make small spaces seem bigger. I've chosen purple for my accessories, but white works with any colour.

I've chosen cheaper furniture that still looks good, and left a lot of money in the budget as kitchen equipment and utensils don't come cheap these days!

Furniture details:

Wardrobe- Ikea £39
Bed- Ikea £165
Flower Light- Dunelm Mill £6.99
Chest of drawers- Ikea £79
Table lamp- Dunelm Mill £6.99
Canvas- Argos £24.99
Room Total= £321.97

2 and 3 drawer storage- Argos £49.99
Bin and toilet brush- Argos £12.99
Bath mat- Argos £6.99
Laundry hamper- Argos £9.99
Bath towels- Argos £6.99
Room Total= £86.95

Living Room / Dining Room
Sofa- Argos £249.99
3 canvas- Argos £39.99
Coffee table- Ikea £14
Rug- Argos £24.99
Shelving unit/ Room divider- Ikea £45
Table and 2 chairs- Ikea £50
Photo frame- Ikea £1
Flower wall/decoration stickers- Ikea £8
Vases- Ikea £5.50 each
Curtains- Ikea £17
Room Total= £466.47

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  1. Some great picks, I agree that purple is grown up, not just a great colour but soothing & relaxing too.

    The Fairytale Pretty Picture


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